Thursday, January 01, 2015

New Year's Goals

Time to set some goals for the coming year 2015:

  1. James needs to eat more to gain weight. Currently he is pushing 4' 11" and we're struggling to keep him above 60 pounds. He was 87 pounds last August. Not sure why he's decided food is evil. We have ruled out Celiac Disease and throat/stomach/upper bowel issues with an endoscopy. Which made James even more determined to Never Eat Again. Sigh.
  2. Help James become more "regular." We're going to be trying biofeedback for that. In San Francisco at a Lucille Packard clinic once a week for the next 12 weeks. I'd say "shoot me now" but the truth is ... we are desperate for help with this.
  3. Get James' speech back on track at school. It's pretty much not been happening over the past 2 months. Not happy about that at all. He needs help speaking. It's in his IEP.
  4. Get Behaviourist help going. We're finally approved and not having to worry about hundreds of dollars in copays. We've started the intake merry-go-round. We need to finish it AND start the sessions!

                           Goals on a more normal level ...

  5. Have James' birthday party BEFORE Easter this year. Bowling alley sounds good!
  6. Send Thank You cards for Christmas this year (meaning for Christmas 2014 by the end of January). I know we all can do it. We should do it. We will do it!
  7. Try to add Saturday Sidekicks back into our routine. That is one awesome program!
  8. Breathe. Believe. Do.

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