Tuesday, January 06, 2015

On the Road for Answers

We're back in SF again, waiting for our much-anticipated appointment for the biofeedback clinic at CPMC.
Guess where we're hanging out?
It's something of an adventure and much more relaxed this time around. For one thing: James can eat and is not facing a medical procedure. For another, over the past week, James has had some success eating and producing BMs on his own.

Because we both hate traffic, and have committments in the afternoon (work for me, a local appointment with a dietician for James), we got up very early and were on the road shortly after 5:30am. We hit some traffic, but not too much, and used the heck out of the carpool lane -- yes!

We watched the moon set over the Pacific, just north of Land's End. There was a moon path over the waters. Gulls and sparrows fluttered and flew over the sea and sands. We saw a parked school bus in the lot again. Then we headed up to the Legion of Honour, and watched the sun rise. Gorgeous.

Now we're almost ready to head out. James already drank his milk and ate a croissant and cookies. He is so much more lively than our last trip a month back.

We still have a way to go. I can take days like these though. Hoping for good things!

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Unknown said...

Yes - courage flows along that moon path. Mom