Monday, January 05, 2015

Reactivity Zone

James is still participating in weekly (well, not so much over the holidays) social communication classes. The program focuses on the Zones of Regulation and it is based on a fantastic premise and group of ideas to help kids learn to communicate instead of act out.

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Each week, James resists by saying he doesn't want to go. Almost every week he comes back, excited about the program and being with kids his own age outside of a school environment.

It's helped him communicate the emotions that get masked by smiles or a hanging head. A couple times we check in with him about how he's feeling and discover he describes himself as Red when we thought he was Yellow, or even Green. It's an eye-opener.

James is supposed to be starting a Speech program at his school that will dovetail with this program. I am not holding my breath though. James and his speech sessions at school is a whole other topic. Or three.

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