Thursday, January 01, 2015

Christmas Morning 2014

We all got to bed a bit late Christmas Eve, so I was able to sleep in until just after 6:30 -- yes!

James was first up. He was so excited: "Is today December 25th?" "Yes." "Is it Christmas?" "Yes." "Hooray!!! Angry Bird Season Christmas is open! Can I play my iPad?"

My, what Charles Dickens could have done with that one!

Anywho, we did all wake up a little after that, had some freshly baked scones, bacon, and eggs for breakfast (unless you were James, who had mini blueberry muffins and a scone). James did get excited with his stocking and presents:

James unexpectedly liked the snowman tic-tac-toe game. Not that he wants to play it with us, he just thinks it's neat and likes to fiddle with it. He also liked the hand rocket launcher ... until the fins started coming off the rocket. Then it was oh noes time and we had to hide them before he could calm down and move on to something else.

He really liked the Star Wars selection of bath soap - more for the figurine/bottles than happy anticipation of bath time, I'd say. He also liked the Star Wars reader book.

James does not like sugar or candy much. He does love the Trader Joe's organic lollipops - only the red ones, though! Santa's paper this year was SpongeBob & Co in Santa gear ...


He did like Fred from Big Hero 6 ... mainly because Fred dresses as an over-the-top monster who shoots fire sticks from his mouth. What is not to like?

James did a Happy Dance for his Robot and the Minion characters went on such a spin that I could not capture them on film. He also received a large amount of fabulous books!

Is he playing with some of these toys? YES! Not as much as I'd like to see, but he is playing. So that's a good thing.

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