Monday, December 29, 2014

Pineapple Express '14

What else happened in December ... oh yes - rain! After too many years of drought, especially after this past Spring that almost never was, we welcomed rain from a Pineapple Express.

I think we received some delayed water shipments, because the storm on December 11th dumped so much on us in a short while that roads, freeways, storm drains, and creeks were overwhelmed.

From Kent Porter in the Press Democrat
For the first time ever up here, school was cancelled for both kids/districts. Really, it was because the roads were compromised and people weren't sure about landslides later in the day. Regardless, I am so glad James does not take the bus. Some kids were waiting in the rain for 30 minutes for buses that never came - that's how close his school district cut it.  I actually called him in sick first, because his lack of eating after his procedure plus his anxiety over getting spots of water on his clothing just made staying home the better option that day.

James' sister's school waited too late, in my opinion. I was almost in the car with her before getting their cancellation message. Some parents had already dropped their kids at school and had to go back and get them. Oh, there were MANY unhappy parents that day ... which is why both districts announced that same afternoon that schools would also be closed the next day (Friday).

While I was glad my husband could be home with the kids, it was a bit sad to be the only one in the family who did not get a Rain Day off. Still, I did get an earlier start (and finish) than usual. I even got to do what the locals do when we get Rain -- head up to Memorial Bridge and take some pictures while sipping some Flying Goat coffee.
Memorial Bridge, under construction - yes, the workers were there & working - almost at flood stage.

On the railroad bridge, watching the park flood. haven't seen *that* in a while!

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