Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer School Lite

Summer school starts this morning for James. I am sorry to hear his teacher from the past 2 years will not be leading the session. She was organized and energetic. After managing restless and active regular K-1 classrooms, she could keep a class of special needs children grades K-5 under control and yet engage them in work.

This year we've lost Mondays. The session runs Tuesday-Friday, mornings only. I would be unhappy, except I know who is teaching the session. I am looking at this as Keeping Up A School Routine. I am about excited for this as James is, which is not much.

I will get a preview of his Services Coordinator for the next 2 years. I think she likes what she does, but I also am of the opinion that James is a different person from who she thinks he is. So, it's also an opportunity to try and introduce her to that more able person and hope for a better connection.

I am putting this in the back of my head in the hope that I will get some ideas for something helpful I can input into the classroom over the next 4 weeks, instead of just complaining or fretting. Some good ideas come out that way.

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