Sunday, June 08, 2014

The Autism Ticket

I saw this today and immediately my brain went to Autism ... more specifically finding out one day that you are now an Autism Parent, on a ride for life.

My next thought was "No, I didn't 'buy' that ticket, I was kinda handed the ticket." But that's not quite true.

James' Dad and I both knew we were definitely in the older edge of prospective parenthood. I've even been called his grandma (yeah, not fun for the ego). We both knew the increased chances of birth defects and other issues if we decided to try for kids. We agreed to accept whatever came along.

So yeah, I guess I did buy that ticket after all.

And the ride? Heart breaking. Lonely. Disappointing. Hard. Thrilling. Exciting. It's given me a new and deeper understanding of the meaning of love, and appreciation that the Little Things in Life often produce some of the best good news you could ever hope to find.

Not the ride experience I would have chosen, but it's part of our lives and I do not want a refund.

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