Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer Reading 2014: Catching Up

Summer school is over for the year already. No cherries but plenty of plums to deal with in the back yard during a drought. I made plum jam for the first time! James is part of our wonderful library's Summer Reading Program. I did sign him up and he has been doing the reading, I just haven't been going to update his card - gah!

We are lucky to have an in-home daycare person who loves books and reading. It's actually her regular job when school's in session. Over a break-in period of several days, she recommended activities and books to read. The grammar series by Brian P. Cleary is a hoot and fun to read. It rhymes like Dr. Seuss and had brilliant illustrations.


What sets them apart for me is how well they visually parse sentences. In "Hairy, Scary, Ordinary," all the adjectives are in colour and the rest of the sentence text is black. The Nouns pop out in a sort of Technicolour riot across the pages of "A Mink, A Fink, A Skating Rink."


The self-proclaimed Word Nerd also has a marvelous website, which like the books is filled with the energetic and engaging illustrations from Jenya Prosmitsky. The content on the site is rich, and includes games and tests.

We're off and reading!

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