Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sleep Deprived Morning# 2,842

Four thirty am wakeup. Augh. Colour me cranky and wilted.

Dude. You've got some
serious 'splaining to do - yarrr!
I was rousted from sleep and bed when James spilled water on his blankets, prompting howls they dry out Right. Now. Helped him rearrange his blankets and he refused melatonin, which would have helped him fall back asleep. He spent the next two hours humming & talking to himself in bed, punctuated with prolonged trips to the bathroom (that I had to get up and end when they ran past the 10-minute mark).

Past the usual time, he asked politely to play on his iPad ... which lasted twenty minutes before he started yelling at the new Angry Birds Game. Couldn't get him to stop yelling or change games. Finally took the iPad away, which resulted in a howling meltdown. HOWLING.

This is not like James. I know he is tired and fighting off a cold, but that is a distant thought when I need sleep as much as I did this morning.

Thanks, Steve!
So the way to deal with howling meltdowns recently: stay close by quietly and let him vent for a short amount of time. Talk soothingly. Let him know I hear him and get that he's frustrated and angry. Wait for him to calm a bit and then ask if I can give him a hug. Break the behaviour with a distraction, which this time was to come out and watch the video he'd gotten from the library: Blue's Clues. He had some breakfast.

James is doing much better now. He even came over and apologised twice for waking me up so early.  I am on my second pot of coffee. We're about to do the grocery shopping soon and he's looking forward to helping out. I am looking forward to a nap and an extra-happy Happy Hour this afternoon.

Epilogue: James just came over and felt my forehead, diagnosed me with the flu, and told me I should stay home from work and REST. Then danced away. Saved again by a sweet bedside manner!

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