Thursday, August 29, 2013

When Dancing Goes Bad

Found this on Sheri Venner's site

I am borrowing this image tonight. I really need it. It's been a stinker of a day on all counts.

The kind that makes you feel like you feel like you are under constantly attack, and to cry would be fatal. Because you have to go on. But not good things keep happening.

Definitely the phone call from James' school to come quick, there was a situation with him in the bathroom was a tough one to get. Turns out he was dancing there, sans pants, socks, or shoes, and singing lalalalala at the top of his voice, refusing to come out. Thank heavens his undies were still on. And this is a new one. It's his second big melt-down in a week.

My lunch hour went to flying to the school, getting him to calm down and come out (along with his Dad, who brought him clean pants). James went home with his Dad and I stayed behind to try and figure out what the heck happened and brainstorm plans to head off/deal with similar situations. We had some good ideas. More breaks, in essence, until he settled better into the new grade/school year routines. And options for working in a quieter, pull-out room. Also, more extra clothes in his backpack.

He has a really great team working with him. I hope we can get him back on track. I know he did not enjoy the washing he got in the tub tonight. I made sure he understood it was because he spent time in the bathroom at school, and that his hair was washed because he also (I was told) laid down on the boys' bathroom floor and refused to get up. Oh my goddess.

At bedtime, he kept telling me about his saga in the bathroom. He still hasn't told me why he did it. I don't know if he can. I told him places for dancing at school included the playground, parties, and the O/T room. They did not include the classroom or the bathrooms. I hope he heard this.

And no, his homework did not all get done. He did get dinner, cleaned up, and into bed on time. And tomorrow is another day.

The incident today at school is just one of several hard things I had to deal with today. I am not going into the others here.  Suffice to say I like this quote from Winston Churchill:
"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Also, the quote from Ursula LeGuin's The Lathe of Heaven:
"To let understanding stop at what cannot be understoof is a high attainment. Those who cannot do it will be destroyed on the lathe of heaven."  - Chuang Tzu

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