Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sick Boy, First Day of School Girl

James has not been feeling well for the past 2 weeks. What started as a sore throat blossomed into a cold, which oozed into a sinus infection, creating post-nasal drip, which set up a nasty reaction with said sore throat ...

From WebMD, which has some
great info about coughs
We've tried steamy bathroom sessions, lots of water, rest, and simple routines for him. It's not getting better; he keeps relapsing. Last weekend I took him in to the doctor, who thought he might be starting a sinus infection and prescribed antibiotics and refilled his anti-nausea meds.

Today was his sister's first day of school. For months, she's planned to show up at the first day of school with purple hair. As long as it wasn't permanent or semi-permanent, it was okay with her principal and parents. This morning - James started moaning and acting like he was going to throw up.

I quickly called in and got him a doctor appointment. My husband got ready in record time to drive our daughter to her first day of school, me to work, and then James to his appointment. It was that extra chaos twist out of nowhere that seems common with special needs families.

Good thing my daughter and I prepped the night before for lunches, backpacks, and clothing ... because I made sure I had the time to turn her hair purple. It wasn't right that her long-planned feat for opening day of school to evaporate, dang it! Splat chalk is a very fun thing, by the way.

Good thing I made extra coffee. Because over the past 2 weeks I think I've been able to sleep through the night about 4 times, and I am tired.

Good thing that my husband was able to take James in so promptly. His pediatrician couldn't find anything new, but she did recommend staggering the evening meds. So we did, and I used one of the anti-nausea pills (well, half of one eventually made it into James) to help keep the antibiotic and cough medicines down.

Now I am listening to the crickets sing away madly, outside our quiet house. I am hoping for lots of healing sleep tonight for us all.

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