Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First Day, of the Third Grade

Well James has started back to school. Not our best start, but he's in a great classroom with an awesome aide, so I have a good feeling about this year.

“Life is about not knowing, having
to change, taking the moment and
making the best of it"
No back to school pictures today, as the sinus infection hasn't quite left yet and anxiety had him literally twisting with nerves. Once he saw the kids (girls, really) in his class, he perked up. One of his previous classmates greeted him with a "Hi, James!" and a big smile. She's one of his favourite people, so I know that helped.

His aide reports he did a lot of testing behaviours with her, before settling down to classroom routine. They did flash cards, reading, and writing. Thank you!

I was a bit frazzled myself. The morning commutes go through 3 of the 4 construction projects currently in full swing. We were stopped to allow sanding of a road and cleanup from a crash and new parents froze at intersections. Thank goodness his sister got to school on time, James' school expected first day delays, and I'd let work know I'd be in late.

I did pick him up early today so he could get some extra rest, and he was definitely happier than the past few days. I saw a few side looks too from some kids who are new to James and the noises he can make. It was the "weirdo!" look. It's always something, isn't it?

Looking forward to a much better year than last.

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