Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It Must Be School Time Again ...

After work meetings across town, checkbook out.

Tectonic plates of the Earth spread out on the kitchen table, and evening dates with math and spelling.

New levels of story books being checked out of the library.

Stricter bedtimes.

Communication logs to read and sign.

French toast for breakfast.

No iPad until mid-afternoon.

Sneakers on feet.

Deep breathing as the morning commute just hit the stress jackpot of more drivers on the road combined with frequent traffic stops as construction zones start dirt-hauling convoys across major roadways.

Later and later sunrises over the back fence, under the leaves of the waving grapevines.

Tree-lined avenues' fading green; living tunnels, with ceiling and walls alight with gold.

Wistful-looking sunsets, souvenirs of the summer that was.

We've already started counting the days until Christmas.

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