Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's River Time

My folks rented a house on the River this weekend and invited family and friends, to celebrate a major wedding anniversary. My family used to spend 2-3 months each year on the River; I was so excited to have the chance for a weekend there again. Friday late afternoon, the kids and I packed up the car for a sleepover at the nearby rental. Cousins were going to be there too! James was reluctant, but up for more time with cousins.

He was very anxious about sleeping at this new place, so I had him sleep with me. I told him Hide & Go Seek stories about him and his cousins, which made him feel better. Several times during the night he rolled over and threw himself at me, hugging me tight. The next morning, he was feeling better, eating blueberry muffins on the porch while I had my coffee, listening to birds and watching the sun come up over the River. We heard finches and saw egrets and a great blue heron fishing in the shallows.

Hard to see with poor rez, but the heron is on the right.

Love the River.

Peaceful morning under the redwoods.

James did enjoy playing with his sister and her friend, who had stayed over with us. As the River was chilly until about lunchtime, they all hopped in the hot tub after breakfast and splashed around there.

After that, however, he wandered or played is iPad until after lunch, when it was time to check back in at home base. James was very happy to be home again. The gurglings of anxiety in his stomach quieted down. As a pre-Father's Day treat, we all went out to dinner at Denny's. Safely back at home, he relaxed in his own bed as both parents put him to sleep. After he was down for the night, Big Sister and I drove back to the River and spent another night there.

The next morning, worried that James might wake and freak out because I wasn't there, I snuck out early and checked in back home. Sure enough, James had just got up and started calling for me. So I packed the last of the blueberry muffins, milk, and some coffee in the car and took James with me to watch the hot air balloons launch. More on that later, but it was fun.

It was lovely to be on the River and encourage my kids to play on/in it. It's what my brother, cousins, and I used to do all sumer long when we were young. It's just what I needed to make summer feel real.

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