Thursday, June 13, 2013

School: The Preshow

Mornings like this are when I suspect that the high points of James' day may come at the beginning. He continues to be interested in all kinds of things in the air. Aren't we lucky that there's an approachable airport on our morning school route?

Here is what we saw this morning (all pictures taken with cell phone on side of road, parked):

A hot air balloon at the airport!

Down for a landing. Time to look for REACH helicopters.

Only one on the pad today. Found out later there was an early morning transport call for a snake bite victim.

Hey wait - the hot air balloon is up in the air again?

Look! A bird, a plane, a hot air balloon!

Postcard-perfect morning in Sonoma County.

Aaaand down for the landing in a field, right on our route to school!

The hot air balloon festival comes to town tomorrow. I can hardly wait!

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