Thursday, June 20, 2013

What Hit Me (Again)?

Crumbs. Just dealt with an unexpectedly busy week last week (summer camp in morning, bike camp in afternoon, and finally driving Big Sister to swim lessons after dinner), some brick walls with James' stamina, and a busy weekend on the River/Father's Day/Hot Air Balloon festival ... and we're crashing an burning this week, so to speak.

I've been applying for jobs and trying to catch up with house stuff that got missed while I was one the road so much last week/end. All the emailing and paperwork got my heart racing. Sorting piles of clean laundry periodically felt therapeutic. This week, summer school still takes up James' mornings. Big sister's swim lessons are over for now, but she had a 3-day computer animation class in the middle of the morning. The first day did not go well. Then ...

... she got sick. I got a panicked call from home while I was trying to get out of the house and take a walk (because respite care never showed so I did not get a break as scheduled), and was soon in the car with my daughter, advice nurse on the phone as I tried to figure out what was going on and get her seen by a pediatrician. It's not rocket science and I don't want my daughter suffering but dear Lord, it was one of those times where it feels like life's merry-go-round has taken on a sinister aspect and it's not stopping when I need it to. I just wanted to take a walk, be quiet for an hour, and breathe. Nope - not gonna happen.

Turned out to be croup. Now James has it. As I was driving my husband to an appointment and him to school this morning, he started complaining "I have a throat!" and then had a glorious melt down in the car. Gah! Well, at least I know how to treat this, thanks to the advice nurse and doctor's appointment for Big Sister: "milk" (ibuprofen) to calm his "bubbling throat," steamy time in the bathroom, followed by cool air, and lots of liquids.

Trying to call him in sick to the summer school program, however, was a byzantine labyrinth of voicemail hell across 2 facilities. The one person I actually could reach told me that after signing kids up for summer school she "washed her hands of the whole program." Um, yeah. Thanks for all the help.

Have I mentioned that I've been fighting this virus off? Yeah, that's been going on too.

Oh, and crankiness? Check and triple check.

We did get respite yesterday afternoon. My husband and I saw a movie. I still need more - I can smell my brain short-circuiting. Thank goodness the weekend is soon!

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