Sunday, June 02, 2013

Wonder League Teams Up!

Yesterday was our last game of the 2013 season with the Healdsburg Wonder League. Even though we hot the hottest day of the year, we came out to play. Normally James just melts and we stay home. This game was different.

We started later in the day, about 3:30, and the game was in town at Healdsburg's Rec Park. Déjà vu -- we'd just been there last week at the end of the Future Farmers Country Fair's Twighlight Parade. Our guys got to hit the field after watching a thrilling game between the San Francisco Seals and the Healdsburg Prune Packers. What a lot of fun it was to see the big guys play right up close! There were some fast action going on out there.
We did root, root, root for the Home Team!

We were right by the dugout.
I love the home team, just for the name, BTW. When I first remember coming to Healdsburg in the summer, the air was full of the smell of plums drying into prunes. As soon as we came off Fitch Mountain, we could smell their sweet fruity aroma, going into and all over town. The dried fruit would get packed up and sent out all over the country by truck and train. The trees were gorgeous with blossoms in the Spring.

Well, back to baseball ... James actually hit a pitch! He's been steadily batting Southpaw, and all his work with his APE teacher are paying off - he throws in a nice straight line, pretty much on target. I noticed he also stayed on the field more and did less wandering, but that could have been because of the iPad app I promised to download for him later. He did a great job running the bases too.

Big sister did much better at bat once she switched to a lighter one. She's really starting to get the hang of it now! Not so keen on playing the outfield, but the did leg it around the bases, even stealing home. Way to go, Girl!

The icing on the cake: the Prune Packers were the Buddies for the game. They did an awesome job, coaxing the kids to try for a better batting stance and hand positioning. Their pitcher braved our unevenly hitting kiddos and patiently pitched to each one until a hit was made. After the game, some players even hung out with us for our final BBQ and awards ceremony.

As we left, one player called out "See you next year!" I sure hope so. Thanks again to George and everyone who made our kids smile as they got their chance at bat and on the field. Baseball, the Wonder League, and the Prune Packers make a winning team.

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Unknown said...

Thanks to George for this wonderful idea. Kids playing matter what their disabilities - loving the ability to participate. Yay!!!!!