Saturday, February 11, 2012

SOOC Saturday: Science Exhibit

This week, James' school had it's first science exhibit, put on by the Charles M. Schultz Museum. As this was a challenging week for James, his aide told me that his difficulties with concentration, coupled with all the loud background noise meant his classroom visit was short. His teacher reminded me that there would be a Family Night  and encouraged us to come.

So with about an hour to go on the event, I bundled up the kiddos and brought them over to the school. The stars were out overhead and the place was surprisingly full. As it was not too noisy, we stayed the entire hour.

James really liked the water cycle board:

His sister was fascinated by earthworms and the tiny camera and light instrument that magnified them.

There were tables and equipment for examining rocks, making paper, animation strips, and bird feeding (as in the birds feeding themselves).

What really caught the imagination of both? The Fan:

A scientific experiment for the SOOC action at Marvelous Mommy's blog. Come on over to see more or join in!


Melissa Fletcher said...

Such fun!

Real Life Deals said...

Don't you just love the kids look of wonder when they are learning and don't know it? I haven't had a chance to link up to the SOOC but I love it! You capture the most fun shotsThose pictures are priceless! I wanted to tell you about my new photo contest I just started! You might want to add one of your photos! There's a great book prize for the photo who gets the most votes next week!