Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Cherries

We have a cherry tree in our back yard. Over the years, it has produced an astonishing amount of delicious fruit. Some years we can't keep up with picking them. The past few years the weather hasn't cooperated.

This year, however, was just about perfect. We were able to harvest the cherries before the birds could swoop them up. James liked that some friends from school came over to pick and and bring home containers full of ripe cherries.

I love cherry time. It's my unofficial start to summer.

The blossoms are beautiful and fragrant.
When the petals fall, it's like it's snowing.
Bumper Crop year
These cherries are BIG!

We picked 2 of these and that was maybe a third of the 2009 crop ...
Summer is here!

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