Monday, May 27, 2013

Rough Night

James and I had a rough night last night. Both kiddos got me up with bad dream trauma. The first time, around 3am, they both woke up at the same time. There were huggings and calmings. James asked me to sing the lullabye from Tarzan to him. I could hear his innards churning, but he calmed down enough to ask to go back down to sleep.

Half an hour later, the moaning began. Oh no. Not again.

I sat up with him and told him stories. He got louder. I got out the towels. The inevitable happened, but it was short-lived.

James asked me to leave the light on in his room, which I did. About 4:50, I thought the worst was over and went back to bed, one ear as open as possible. James got me up again around 7, with a happy "It's morning! Is it morning, Mommy?"

Yes, yes it was. By the time I made it into his room, he was on the floor, playing with his Leapster. One look at the bed showed me how he'd spent the rest of his night:

Math cards, alphabet puzzle, and Leapster.
iPad served with breakfast, which he ate.
That's my resourceful guy.

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