Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Special Exposure Weds: That Sinking Sock Feeling

Well, it's been a Morning. Nothing horrific, just one of those struggles with daily things that rears it's head suddenly and messes with Schedules and Plans. Gah!

First, there's the wind. It's been kicking up huge gusts for over two days now. Makes things chilly (after a heatwave) and riles up the kiddos. It's making all our allergies exponentially worse.

Second, James threw (for him) a fit over putting on his socks. Everything stops and cannot go forward, in schooltime, if the socks are not going on the feet. I still have mental scars from trying to get his sister to school (years ago), sobbing because "the strings in the socks are cutting my feet!" I have spent a small fortune on "stringless" socks, almost haunting our local Kohl's for sock sales.
Socks: The Horror.
James' issue is different. For reasons unknown, he's taken to sneaking clean socks out of his drawer and wiping himself after a #2 session in the bathroom, and then putting them back into the drawer. Yeah, that was a happy day when I finally figured out what that smell was. Not.

Nefarious sock drawer, topmost.
I have asked for help from behaviourists for over 4 years and we've spent over $300 in copays for intake sessions and reports that, while helpful, did not address this issue at all. His huge supply of socks has dwindled to maybe 5 pairs. I'm not sure I even want to know where the rest are.

Anywho, he threw a fit this morning about the socks. He doesn't have a lot of choices. He kissed 3 hours of iPad time goodbye while he moaned, whined, and rolled about on the floor. I finally got a pair on his feet. Of course they were "the wrong ones!" I had to get my own shoes and socks on and I am pretty sure he took this opportunity to mismatch his socks to his satisfaction. Whatever. Socks on feet. Out the door. School on time. Yes!

But as I gave my quick verbal hand-off to his aide this morning, he started scratching the seat of his pants and asked for permission to go to the bathroom. Holy Martha Stewart, I think I'd better check his sock drawer. With tongs.

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