Saturday, August 18, 2012

So Glad It's Saturday

Oh my goodness, what a lot has been packed into the past two days. School worries already and a homefront crisis. For the win, I have a sinus cold. So I was very glad to not have to get up or go anywhere soon this morning.

Remember that post about me being glad that James is talking more and initiating conversations? Well that was ironic -- he was asked to leave class on his first day of school for talking too much during class. Ouch. He actually left class twice on the first day -- one was related to his aide's break schedule. So now I am walking the fine line between "what the heck do you mean by pulling him out of class on the first day?" and trying to find out what's going on and seeing what I can do to help make sure James stays in class while remaining engaged and behaving appropriately. I also want to make sure that he, his class, and aide are all good fits for each other. I know, I know -- but I'm his mom. Who else ya gonna call?

Speaking of calling ... I can't reach his services coordinator by phone. They took away her portable, put her somewhere new, and no one seems to know how to get her up and running on her new phone. Um, I know start of school is insanely busy ... but I also worked in Facilities -- betchya I could get it up and running without waiting for the District IT folks, but I digress.

My plans for observing James in class on Day 2 were foiled by a financial crisis. There is nothing like panicked phone calls from your partner and the fear of financial insolvency to get that ol' bp up and running, you betchya! I do have mad skills in bureaucratic process and can sometimes remain amazingly calm in a crisis. These helped to resolve the worst issues before 4PM, but by then James was out of school. I was told Day 2 went much better and there were no time outs. I am still going to observe his class next week ...

By 5:00PM, I was at my daughter's campus, looking at class lists. Five minutes later, my heart was in my shoes. She was in exactly the classroom that she wanted, but I think I can read between the lines and now am concerned that she is being left out of the academically motivated group of kids at her grade level. After the last few days, I am trying to breathe deeply and remember the good things -- like the fact that she is in an excellent school and has friends there. That she will be starting 4-H next month and there are 2 more grades after this one.

That maybe I can't see the whole picture because of my fears.

Because this week, there seem to be so many of them around.

I need to close my eyes, have a little faith, and visualize ... with intent.
This is how I need to move forward.

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