Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sounds of Little Big Things

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been preparing for the kids' return to school. I can tell James is excited because he has been asking constantly when he gets to go to his new school (in our district, from K-5th, the kids move on to a new campus every other year). He is talking more and loudly. I see more hand-flapping and a decreased desire to go to bed.

I did mention the talking, right?

Because yesterday we went to a meet & greet at the school, so the new students could be on campus and see their teachers and classrooms before the start of the academic year.  James enjoyed it, and spent time on the playground, looking for friends. On the way home, I heard him telling his sister who he saw and and where he saw them. I asked what did he like about his new school and he replied with the name of his aide, whom we'd met the day before.

He talked about the "park" (playing field) at the school. He talked about which of his friends he still wanted to see. He kept asking if he was really going to this new school, and I kept telling him "yes."

This may sound pretty dull and typical. It's not for us. James is volunteering conversation, and able to sometimes respond to our questions in a normal, conversational way. It makes me so thankful to hear him chatter and exclaim. For so many years, I had to listen with "just" my eyes and heart.

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