Monday, August 06, 2012

Can't Make This Up

Full disclosure: stress and ickiness ahead.

Monday mornings are rough on us all. However, this past Monday morning, I think I hit a triple play: while waiting on hold (and being repeatedly cut off) to speak with an FMLA rep to make sure we've covered everything we need to do to file for benefits & job protection because he's suddenly on medical LOA, daughter comes to me and says:

 "There was a spider on my face ... or I think maybe it was a tick." So now I am in another (dim) room,  looking frantically on the blue nubby carpet with a flashlight while on hold, and see a tick, bold as brass and crawling around in search of its next meal.

Remember, I am on hold with a national government bureaucracy! My call will be answer in the order received.

I send my daughter to get me some tape - STAT. I keep the flashlight trained on the rug, phone glued to my ear. Daughter comes up panting, and drops roll of tape into m hand. Seriously, this is the best way to pick up and dispose of those buggers -- they are really hard to squash (as I found out the day James brushed one off his head during a picnic lunch in the park).
Not today, not ever again!

Just then, husband comes in the front door with James, and wants to know WTH is going on. Um, on hold, tick disposal in process and no, I *don't* know how our daughter picked one up while in our bedroom.

Carp! The line goes dead yet again.

James pipes up "Whatchya doin', Mommy?"

Cue yelling and hijinx.

We recovered.

And hey, did I tell you about the butterflies yet?

I tell you, I can't make this stuff up.

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