Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Magic Marker Monday: Crayon Prowess

James has a love-ate relationship with crayons. That's right, "ate," and I bet you can guess what that means.

When not coveting or biting into those waxy, paper-covered cylinders of the rainbow, James has tried to colour. At first, when he started showing an interest in objects, he had a lot of trouble just them picking up. His grip could best be described as a rigid fist for the next year or so. He would either do a few tiny, circular doodles or go off the paper in a kind of frenzied, Richter-scale kind of kinectic storm.

And very soon into the performance, the crayon would snap. And tears and a howling distress followed. "It's BROKEN!!!" he'd bellow. Later, as his vocabulary improved, he'd add "Can you fix it?" Sigh and colour us blue as we'd stop and put the crayons away in their box.

This is what James accomplished, during his class' Easter party last month:

I know he has a one-on-one aide, but look what James can do with this assistance. And because I was there, helping with the event, I know that even with a noisy party, and a reluctance to finish this activity, no crayons were broken.

I look at this and see so much better control of the crayon and behaviour. I see a masterpiece.

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Childlife said...

We have some crayon issues at our place too -- and I agree with you. I see a masterpiece too! He used such a variety of colors and did such a beautiful job! Most excellent work, James!

~Michelle @ 5MFNS