Saturday, April 21, 2012

SOOC Saturday: I was In the Neighbourhood ...

"I was in the neighborhood. It took me two buses, three cabs and a train to get into the neighborhood, but what the (heck)." Liza as Linda, Arthur

One of my favourite movie lines ever (along with "Nice place; I like a living room you can land a plane in," but I digress). And that was before Autism and extreme sensitivities in my small family started making this my life's mantra.

Case in point: A close friend invited us to a party in our old hometown. It took me 1.5 hours to travel 65 miles across 4 counties, across a major bridge, and through a tunnel to get to this party. I had to set up respite care way in advance and plan snacks and dinner for everyone still at home. Bedtime routines were updated and posted. Troops were prepped. I put on actual clothes, rather than just what was clean and handy. Picked up my husband from BART near the end of my drive and we carpooled to the party. Did we have a good time? Heck yeah! But no one got engaged (joke, if you've seen Arthur).

Here's a bit from my trip, SOOC:
Leaving home.

Traveling through the one-time egg capitol of the world, construction zone,
and a rain squall. See the rainbow?

CA cows are happy cows!

San Quentin in the side view mirror.

Bridge -- quick, which one?

One of the most expensive pedestrian/bike bridges ever.

Hate that pesky cyclone fencing. Wave to the Golden Gate!

Cupcakes for a Friday the 13th Party.
Notice the Jason hockey mask ones? Sweet!

I had such a good time, in fact, that I left my camera at the party and the hostess had to mail it back. 

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Phoenix said...

I am glad you got out of the house and were able to visit with friends. I know how hard that is to be able to do!! Love the photos especially the one where you are crossing the bridge! Great captures! :)

Lisa Brown said...

Oh my gosh, those cupcakes look delicious!!! Now I'm gonna have a sweets craving the rest of the night ;)