Sunday, October 09, 2011

Sunday Foggy Morning Muffin Run

James and I awoke ... rather forcefully and early this morning. The whole house was full of that muffled silence that ground fog outside somehow brings and spreads with its mist. So we set forth for coffee and muffins at the local Peets. It's been a while.

It was delighfully mysterious outside. James kept telling me about the things he saw out the window, and then asked if we could go see Halloween decorations. That sounded like fun, so off we went.

Normally, there are two housing tracts that are chock full of decorations, each vying to be more overboard than the rest. This year ... well, there's not much out there. And we saw more of the low-end decorations than anything else. Man, this economy's brutal.

So we're going to put up our decorations and show some spirit (ha-ha) ourselves. Well-fortified with muffins and coffee, of course.

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