Saturday, August 18, 2012

Relaxation Ranch

The kids and I have been lucky enough to spend some afternoons on a ranch recently. It makes me so happy to see the kids spending time outdoors, unplugged, and enjoying a real Sonoma County summer. I love the slower pace, taking in nature and getting a chance to catch up with my cousins. This is how I remember spending my time from June through August while growing up.

Some photos:

Yes, he is drawing pictures in my sketch book.

The quenching vehicle! Also, horse shoes game is ready to go.

I'd just finished explaining that James probably couldn't hold on tightly enough to do the zip line ...

What do I know, right? Look at him run!

Summer in Sonoma County -- Thanks, Sara and Ed!


unlockingdoors said...

That sounds like a lot of fun and relaxation...I've heard of this and might even have experienced once or twice long, long ago.

Glad you guys had a good time spent with family in the great outdoors. :)

SoCo mom said...

It's been a long, challenging road -- so having an afternoon like this is like winning the karma jackpot.