Thursday, April 05, 2012

Paging Dr. Mom ...

James had another awesome session at school yesterday with his favourite substitute aide. Unfortunately, he somehow picked up a ginormous wood sliver. That puppy was solidly embedded in his palm. As the school personnel are legally not allowed to remove slivers, James requested to self-medicate by using the iPad in the O/T room until pickup time (about 20 minutes), when Dr. Mom would be available for an afternoon appointment.

First I tried squeezing, without results. Then I tweezed of the fattest bit, closest to the opening. I had to go after the last bit with an Exacto blade, and that's when James objected (luckily, after the fact).  I was able to the extract that last devilish bit and slathered the wound with Neosporin.

Just call me Dr. Mom. I graduated by the seat of my pants from the school of Hard Knocks. I am working toward my degree in Autism by the Skin of Our Teeth.

"No Bandaids!!!"

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