Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day / Farmers' Market Returns

Happy Earth Day 2012!
Perfect day for our local Farmers' Market to reopen for the year.

A rather festive start to the day

Mmmmm, rosemary lemonade and local orange natural iced tea!

Garden Club plant sale

Goodness can be tasty, in more ways than one!

There was so much to see: baby chicks, TONS of fresh veggies and flowers, honey, eggs, pastries, and regional good cooking. I bought a few dahlia roots and several salad and vegetable starter plants for our garden in the market, then drooled (figuratively) over the lovely offerings from the Windsor Garden Club's Spring plant sale. The Earth Day event had a nice turn out for vendors and we got a few freebies, especially from the Whole Foods grocery store one.

Good thing we got there early, and got our sour dough ficelles and pain au chocolat from our bread lady before she attracted a really big line. Both kids ran up to her table crying, "It's the Bread lady! Hooray! Hooray!!" I managed to walk the market once before getting distracted by all the fabulous plants on display.

At one point I thought I lost James, until I thought to look for his where the band was setting up. Yep, he was *right* by the drum set, which was going through a sound test. I had one woman ask me "Is James here too?" I said yes, and she must have seen my inability to ID her because she very graciously introduced herself as his school's librarian. James had no problem recognizing her, shouting out a cheerful greeting.

Everyone is so glad to see the sun and get outdoors again!

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Floortime Lite Mama said...

GORGEOUS pictures
Lost the link to your blog so glad to find it again