Monday, September 01, 2014

Constipation Constrictions, Encore

This latest all-stop constipation episode has been coming on gradually, in spite of my upping his morning Miralax dose in milk. He's stopped eating regular meals and claims he hates food. He wants a new James. The yammying and not feeling good have been taking a toll on James and the rest of us. Getting him out of the house is a trial and involves extreme, loud melt downs that are not typical for James.

Good news is that it's not as excruciating as other occurrences. Bad news is that his bowels are plugged with matter and air and he's good only while at home. So I have been looking up home remedies. So far I've tried adding probiotics to his yogurts, trying to get him to drink more water and less milk (which is always now spiked with at least a little Miralax. Tonight I added some Magnesium Citrate to his apple juice and he actually ate half a pb&j on whole wheat bread with plum jam. The pharmacy in town gave us some lotion that contains magnesium - I rubbed some on his tummy.

Next up: adding baking soda to some water -- supposed to be good for clearing air out of the system. He'll be out tomorrow from school and his doctor is supposed to call back with results from the epically screamy blood draw last Friday. Hopefully there will not be anything new to contend with.

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