Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Diabolical Digestion (Not for the Queasy)

So we've been struggling still with James' digestive issues. After an epic visit at the medical office, involving a horrible howling meltdown and culminating with me pinning his head and four nurses restraining him to get a blood draw (two tries, because no blood appeared on the first stick) ... James came up negative for diabetes and positive for Celiac Disease.

I cried. I won't lie. Yes, I know it's always good to know what the issue is and we are lucky that there are now so many gluten free options ... It's another blow; another 20# weight to drag around and another endless series of trial and error while hoping for improvement.

Next step was a follow up with a pediatric GI specialist. Who is based in SF. Of course. Took a couple of weeks, but I scheduled a phone appointment. Which was interesting, because he saw the results and said the positive result was for a test with a 20% false positive rate and the more reliable test showed elevated levels, but not what he considered to be positive.

So, two options: (A) Bring James in to SF for an endoscopic biopsy for a definitive answer. (B) Retest in six months with another blood test. I totally went with B.

Option A entails me losing a day of work, James a day of school, and me transporting a car sick guy (who will be crying, because he won't understand why he had to fast this morning)  and putting him under anesthesia (after waiting around, checking in, etc.), and then driving back up in commute traffic.

Also, James' dad had brought home some probiotic powder, which I put into his yogurt squeeze-ups. They seemed to have a good effect. I also bought prune juice and started spiking his other yogurt squeeze-ups. The prunes helped things start to empty out. The vomiting stopped.

Until today. There's been some very messy, extended sessions in the bathroom both at home and at school. He has had a lot of gas. Yesterday, I had to pick him up early from school, as he kept using the bathroom and then whining about not feeling good. Lots of laundry. Lots of cleaning. At the end of today he kind of purged his system from both ends, thankfully in the bathroom here at home. The only reason I can write about it now is because James' dad cleaned it up.

Good lord, I hope tomorrow is better.

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