Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Autism Awareness: Always

It's April 2nd, and World Autism Awareness Day is almost over. I have not put blue lights out or done much writing lately, but I am awware. Every day.

Autism has punched us in the gut and wrung our hearts. It's given me a new appreciation of what I really do have, and many more blessings in the little things in life meaning so much.

  • My son's hand in mine. Being able to have him tell me what happened in his day. 
  • Conquering hopscotch. 
  • Watching him write. 
  • Hearing him read all the road signs or playing the alphabet game on the way to school. 
  • Finding out he chose to play football with his classmates at free choice, instead of playing games on the computer. 
  • Watching him "conduct" music from the very back of the multipurpose room during his sister's chorus performance. Having his help with household chores.

  • The pat on my back and whispered "It's okay, Sweetie, it's oooo-kaaaay!" when he sees me upset or sad.

  • The Trader Joe's lady, who waits for him to come visit with her after he finds the Peanuts character in the store. 
  • The boys in his class who hang out of car windows and yell "Hi, James!" during after school pickup as we walk to our car. 
  • Seeing peoples' faces soften as he skips past them. 
All special things I might have been too busy to notice, if I had not been made aware.

What would I hope for others to be aware of? Please don't put people in an autism box. Please don't get too caught up on test scores and check boxes. Please don't see a price tag or something dangerous.

Listen to the parents. Take a good look at all the little things, and be aware that they matter, and you can help make them happen.

Help us. Help us find answers, solutions, and a better future together.

One thing I will be doing, is walking this month to raise money and awareness for Autism Speaks . Please help, if you can, and thank you.

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