Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Mini Miracle

Easter this year is lower-key than in the past. I am working full-time, money is tight, and the kids are older. The Bunny still left baskets decorated and full of goodies and we are going to an egg hunt at the grandparents' later today with cousins.

James woke us with "It's not Easter yet?" at about 6:30 this morning, and then proceeded to snuggle with me in the big purple armchair for a good 20 minutes, happily wriggling and humming. He was more interested in using his iPad than Easter, but Big Sister encouraged him to get on the sofa so they could look through their baskets together.

After breakfast, we took showers and James had a bath. He asked to wash himself and then ... proceeded to start washing his hair on his own and asked me to cut his hair after.

Yes, yes, YES!!!!!

OMG, I am so excited. He's never done this before. I am still used to the screaming that accompanied getting hair wet and the mental fortitude required to get him into his bath and out again. To say nothing of the rodeo atmosphere of trying to trim James' hair as the thrashed, wriggled, bucked and whined, trying to escape the sensation of sharp pointy things near his ears (with his "No, no no!!!" ringing in my ears).

Now he is scrubbed and trimmed, proudly wearing his new Minion t-shirt and snacking on Minion cheese bites. He is also hugging his stuffed bunny and looks supremely happy.

Thank you, Easter! And I am so proud of my guy - he is growing up and showing initiative.

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