Sunday, September 15, 2013

Outdoor Persuasion

James does not want to leave the house. The hot weather and leaf blowers in outside the front door do not help our efforts to get him outside.

This morning James slept in a little. Then he had breakfast and had some iPad time. He cheerfully got changed out of jammies and into clothes, helped sort and put away his laundry, and finish his math and writing homework. I learned pretty quickly that the alarm on my online timer made him cry. I switched to the microwave's timer and we had no further issues.
So ironic, because I used this website to time my contractions the night before he was born.

He balked at going to the Farmers' Market with his sister and I. We haven't been going much this year because our favourite bakery is no longer there. I figured today was not too hot or crowded, so would be a good, short-ish outing for us all.

Once we got there and bought a tasty sourdough baguette from Costaeux's, he was cheerfully skipping alongside me as we checked out samples of Sonoma County's early Fall Harvest. Let's see - peppers were everywhere; delicious, glowing peppers. Apples are still coming in, as are all varieties of grapes. There were even some nectarines and the peach slice I tried was so fabulous I bought one to share with my husband for dessert.

The crowds were light and mellow, which made walking and people-watching easy and fun. James and I saw on a low wall to catch the live music performance. He loved seeing them play guitar and flute. His sister sucked on a honey stick watched the dogs romp with their owners on the lawn. I bought some of those flavoured straws when I picked up a jar of blackberry honey (which is fantastic tasting and made locally).

You would think this happy event would have mellowed him a bit. But no. First thing James said as we got back home was "I am going to stay Right Here!"

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