Thursday, March 07, 2013

We Are Reading in North America!

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss, and all you other cool cats who share a birthday on March 2! I love having the kids take part in Read Across America programs. It was fun to be able to do this with James' big sister, 5 years ago, and we've kept on with special reading activities since then. Having James be able to read, especially out loud to us, is quite the gift. This is because by age 3, they weren't sure he'd be able to talk, and we were advised he might never read, let alone write.

What did we do? We went to a book fair at the kids' old school, where James managed to shift focus from buying the one book he wanted (but was not for sale there) to another with a minimal fuss. He got to see some familiar people, who commented how nice it was to see him and my goodness, hadn't he grown?
James and Grandma Cille
We wrote a paragraph about our favourite holiday (Halloween) and read it out loud.

James checked out four books from his classroom library (one for each school night of the week) and we read them together at home.

His whole class got to go to school in their pajamas and read books on Friday.

And there was cake eating, but as James doesn't usually like cake at parties, that was my contribution. Well, that, and wearing hats.

What was the book James picked and has been delighting him these past 3 days? The latest Pete the Cat book:

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