Monday, March 18, 2013

Magic Marker Monday: Portrait

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day at James' grandparents' house. My mom's family is all Irish and one does not let the day pass by. I've visited the home counties of Rosscommon, Westmeath, and Tyrone, back in my traveling days, and (even farther back in time) danced with my Irish dancing troupe in the San Francisco St. Patrick's Day Parade (totally pre-Riverdance).
Thanks for the fun, Google! In my day, however, there was less foof, and our hair was our own.

James decided to draw pictures after dinner, something he rarely chooses on his own. He drew a picture of Mommy, so I have to include it here:
Note the party hat and jolly crossed eyes -- c'est moi!

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1 comment:

Child Life said...

LOL! Love that you have all of your fingers and toes intact :)

(The party hat and crossed-eyes are priceless as well)

Glad you had a nice St. Patrick's Day!

~Michelle @ 5MFSN