Saturday, February 16, 2013

Something New

We finally checked out a program we've heard a lot of good things about, but never actually joined: Saturday Sidekicks at Sonoma State University.

Oh, I can see why parents love it and their kids have a good time. It's a fairly simple premise, carried out wonderfully well. Parents bring children to a gymnasium, which is filled with mats, Hula Hoops, a climbing board, platform swing, teeter-totter, trampoline, and scoot carts with an obstacle course. They are met by college students who are assigned to a child and become their play/Adaptive PE buddy. Music, scooting, chasing, and shouts of giggling abound. Periodically, everyone is pulled back to circle time for a group activity and song.

James adored it, and his sister had a great time too. I just sat on a chair and socialized with the mom who reminded me it was available and gave us a car pool ride down there with her kids. What a great start to our Saturday!

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