Tuesday, February 12, 2013

BINGO Night Out

The whole family turned out for the annual BINGO Night fundraiser at James' big sister's school. I enjoy these events. I remember from my own childhood how exciting it was to go out at night and do something fun. It's another chance to connect with others. We get a break from routine, and have fun. Plus, there's pizza!

I also get a chance to see how James has grown. This year, he lasted the whole event in the noisy indoor gym. He recognized people and said hello to them. When his water bottle ran dry, I was able to send him to fill it from the drinking fountain with just one verbal prompt. I kept an eye on him from my BINGO table. He did very well. He also asked for some popcorn. I was able to give him the money and send him by himself to the food counter to buy it himself, again with myself watching him from the other side of the room. My friend at the counter said he did very well.

Inside I was pumping my fist and cheering these independence achievements. James was happy to have his own bag of popcorn and a full bottle of water when he wanted them. Hooray for BINGO!

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