Monday, September 17, 2012

Crazy Busy

My husband is starting a new job, my daughter has joined the volleyball team, I am coordinating a big class fundraiser, prepping for James' IEP -- his TRIANNUAL IEP (and they are asking if he can be a case study for a student and suggesting a new test for him), preparing to jump into the CATS Program for another semester, and fighting off a cold.

Good day to pick up extra shifts at school! I am job hunting without a lot of luck so far. I am trying to find part-time so I can be here for the kids as well.

Ah, that reminds me -- I have another web project cooking for some clients. Good project, good folks. I am excited to be working on this.

However, it's been extra crazy busy lately!

So I pause to fondly remember a lazy couple of hours at our Farmers' Market yesterday morning. My daughter and I met friends, strolled the market sampled some delicious food (pain au chocolat for her and part of a divine berry tart for me), and kicked back:

sourdough ficelle from Panorama Baking

and that goes for Sunday, too!

beautiful zinneas

playing with Shelby

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