Saturday, February 14, 2015

Inside Resistance to the Outside

Spring is definitely in the air, as of this week. For days I have been indoors at work, occasionally dreaming of outdoor places I'd like to be.

Today was another sunny and warm day. After the morning grocery run and making breakfast and scones, I gathered my sketching things and had the kids pile in the car. Off we went to Preston Vineyards!

At first, James was just bit whiny. He has been off his iPad for going on three days and he is not fond of heat and bright light, but those are lesser evils when compared to a neighbourhood of lawn mowers.

I love Preston because of its peace, old-world charm, and cats. They also have a very nice red wine and bake amazing bread. They hang Polaroids of their chickens in their on-site grocery store, so you can see which chicken laid your eggs. Their organic olive oil is amazing. The grounds also begged to be explored and discovered.

I wandered, bought bread (still warm from the oven), and took pictures. I even sketched. My daughter drifted after the cats and pursued them slowly throughout the gardens. James draped himself over a table and started to complain. It was hot for him. He was bored. I called him over to see if I couldn't help turn it around for him.

James whined even more. "I want to go home. I need new underwear!" I had him sit with me in the shade, in a quiet spot. I talked about exploring. We used our five senses together. I almost got him exploring ... and then he crashed and howled, tugging at his pants in a fashion that would do a plumber proud. Well, I tried. And we did spend some time outside in this glorious weather.

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Mary Henningsen said...

Sounds like a great place for spring. Love the chicken-photo idea.