Thursday, February 19, 2015

Rise and Field Trip

Guess who got me up at 5am?

It's Field Trip Day. James, his 4th grade class and I are headed to the Lawrence Hall of Science, a little over 60 miles away from us. So we do need to be up early, but not *this* early.

We did have some talking time on the sofa, over his breakfast of blueberry waffles and milk. I tried to do a social story for where we are going, but I haven't been inside the LHS for years. Decades, even. We lived about 10 minutes away and when I was his age it was one of the cool new local places to go check out.

My strongest memories were from the early to mid 70s. I told him about some of the experiments I remembered: the oscilloscope, the ball drop on a spilling plate, a zoetrope. I remember going downstairs to the cafeteria, passing the UC Berkeley radio station and several classrooms. I wonder if any of these will be there still and what we will see today.

Meanwhile, I am coffeeing up, and James has offered to help me take photos.

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