Saturday, May 08, 2010

SOOC: Moving at His Own Speed

James loves getting to do his Kids on the Move class every week. I think it has actually helped him be more confident with his body. I got to watch him this week and was struck again by how James has his own way of doing things.

While he may not be hopping and leaping like the others, giggling and chattering with them, he is there and participating at his own pace. He is smiling and taking things in. Occasionally, he tries something different; something he's never done before. If he doesn't do it like the others or perfectly, that's okay.

James seems to be the type of person who enjoys the journey, moving at his own speed. What is so wrong with that? He is growing, doing, and happy. It's a refreshing change of pace from testing, quotas, and checklists.

Even though ther eis no post yet this week on The Slurping Life, you can still visit Melody and check out SOOC Saturday/Sunday entries past & present. No cropping or fixing -- it's life, straight out of the camera.

SOOC Saturday


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