Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Little Things & the Universe

We had a couple of days just full of little things -- my favourite! A sample platter:
  • James is responding well to prompts that get him to say phrases. Occasionally, he'll pop out with one on his own. Usually "Wanna 'atch Tho-mas" and "Issa ball!" He is digging Thomas the Tank engine (really the songs) and playing with practice golf balls (PGBs).

  • Playing in the sink! With salad tongs! And water! And many PGBs! And foam numbers! Literally: lather, rinse, repeat.

  • Working on scissor skills. I never knew how fascinating he'd find this -- thank you, thank you, SHAPE assistant!

  • Big thing: Oh, and we really might qualify for respite care and get some this summer? Where can I kiss your feet? Little thing that's really big: OMG, my husband and I can, like, go out and just look at each other and hear *nothing* -- yippee!

  • James picked out the green striped shirt, not the orange one. Not hesitation, no reconsideration.

  • Last, but not least: we hatched a tadpole into a frog and released him out back, under a full moon! Neil Armstrong would have liked this audience.

Biggest thing in my universe this morning: first time James said "Aihhhh yuv oo" to me when I went to get him up.

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