Saturday, February 25, 2017

Temple Grandin

Autism in the Family is an incredibly apt title of the conference I'll be attending today.

Temple Grandin is the headliner. Her mother will be there too, and I am intensely interested in hearing what she has to say, as autism is indeed in my family, which has disintegrated, despite best efforts to prevent its happening.

A few thoughts about Temple Grandin:

  • I first heard about her from my son's helpful and informative pre-school teacher.
  • I have long wanted to see her in person and hear her speak live. Being able to do so today is an incredible moment for me.
  • If you don't know her, this is a great place to start: Temple Grandin Trailer
  • I wonder what she considers talking points for autism for parents and educators.
After so many years in isolation, I am looking forward to being in a room of other people who get it, and have lived their experiences with autism and "Different, Not Less".

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