Monday, September 19, 2016


So summer went like *that* (finger snap) and it is Fall. Already.

I have my autismom calendar of events that confirm the paper Gregorian version in the kitchen:

  • The back to school frustration of not enough communication from the school. 
  • Feeling like the I need Homeland Security Clearance to get his schedule. 
  • Beginning of school year IEP request and meeting, in which I try to understand where James will be physically at which time for each IEP service and what has been changed without telling me since the last IEP team meeting. 
  • School pictures, once again in a red polo shirt. There no other Picture Day shirts. 
  • Newsletters via a different delivery system. 
  • Requests for money from the school. 
  • First days of school missed due to cold AND flu that are "going around". 
  • First homework makeup packet request and turn in. 
  • First meltdown over reading assignment. 
  • First sneaking of Crocs instead of sneakers to school. 
  • Verbal stimming begins over a new teacher's name. 
  • I try to commit a new aide's name to memory. 
  • We set up new routines for homework and find The One Pencil that is tolerable for completing assignments. 
  • Been called by the new school because the out sick message got lost. 
  • Been called to leave work and pick him up because he was distraught. 
  • Three evil bouts with constipation (and calls from the school or aide). 
  • One email skirmish on why he was sent out for making noise / misunderstanding of what happened.
I have some more homework to do before meeting again with his team. After that, I intend to enjoy Fall with James and build up some fortitude before the return from Winter break sets off a new flurry of excitement.

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