Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Kimochis: Managing Emotions

Something new from James' ongoing sessions at the Swain Center: Kimochis.
Photo courtesy of The Kimochis® Feeling Lessons

I saw the handouts last week and thought: "Cute! Hmmm, why??" Then I completed the behaviours homework with James today and understood: the toys are something visual and tactile that James can use to understand emotions, body language from others, and learn how to better interact with other and regulate himself.

Each animal is identified with an emotion, and comes with a back story/history. The kids will learn more through a process that looks like it blends story boarding, picture schedulers, and PECS.

Like his biofeedback sessions, these lessons will visually help him connect what is going on inside him with the world and people around him.

This is all my take-away. For more about the actual program, see them online.

I had no idea this was out there. I am excited to see where this takes us.

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