Monday, October 25, 2010

Kinder F/T: Pumpkin Patch

James' first field trip as a Kindergartener was one he's before -- Grandma's Pumpkin Patch! Even though the weather was grey, cold, and moist the kids were excited.

There was no room for parents on the school bus, so I met up with them after their arrival. James did very well on his first bus trip without a seat belt and his aide said he did a great job of going right to his seat and enjoying the trip.

This year he helped make his pasta string by picking out the colours and poking the yarn through the holes. When I asked who it was for, he said "You, Mommy." Melt. I shared with him halfway through our visit.

James liked handing with his buddy Alex. They raced through the mini corn maze and up to the top of the hay bale pyramid, just to enjoy the jumps back down. He picked out his own pumpkin, one of the biggest in the whole dang patch, and could read his name on the label to show me his choice. Awesome!

James also enjoyed looking at the pullets, which was new because I don't think they usually have chickens this young on display at this time of year. The heat lamp was working overtime in that pen!

He then wound up his trip by driving one of the old display tractors. It's still a little surprising to me to see how well he takes to getting behind the wheel and practices driving. I don't know why, but I still see him as a more passive three year-old. I know he's not ... but I guess the contrast is still new for me. Anyway, I love to watch him go!

We did run into a bit of a problem in that James needed to use the bathroom, but was freaked out by the portapotty. So I signed him out and took him to a quieter restroom, where much was accomplished. We then rejoined his class for lunch at a nearby park. He did a good job eating and racing about with his classmates, playing.

I thought that he was not as excited as in past years to go to the pumpkin patch. I am not sure if it was the weather, the bathroom situation, or the fact that he's visited this patch several times over the past two years. Regardless, it was still good to get out together and have some seasonal fun.

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KDL said...

Looks like a fun trip! Glad to know we're not the only ones with weird bathroom anxieties. I haven't even tried a portapotty. My daughter is freaked out by automatic flushers (which unfortunately are becoming more and more common) and also stainless steel fixtures like those at rest areas. Makes road trips really...interesting.