Sunday, May 02, 2010

SOOC Sunday: He is Playing

James is playing this morning. He found two different toys and started to play with them. I am cheering silently inside: "Yes! Yesssssssss!!!!!!!"

This went on and on ... in fact, he's still doing it.

Why am I so excited? James is usually fixated on a video. He is typically passive about playing with things. I have heard about kids playing with Britex blocks, Kinex, and other building types of toys. James could not have been less interested in them.

Give him buttons to push and he'd be engrossed for 20-45 minutes. But this ... oh joy! When he gets over the initial fascination, I'm going to turn his sister loose on it with the wooden building blocks, and see what they come up with for the trains to drive through.

The best part? His dad found this whole box of used but perfectly fine Thomas Train stuff for $1.

James' Dad has a big grin on his face too today!

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robin said...

Awesome! Great buy too!!! I love it when my kiddos get entranced in a new toy or different ways to play with them! Glad your kiddo enjoyed that instead of his videos. :)

K- floortime lite mama said...

gorgeous picture !!!
How I know the silent joy that wells up me when I see playing
I Love it
I cannot believ- the 1 dollar deal

danette said...

Way to go James!!! I know that excited feeling, it is awesome :). Love the picture, he looks so happy playing.

KApted said...

Love that photo--you have a beautiful son! Thanks for coming by my blog. Have a great week!

Caroline (Frogmum) said...

That's brilliant :D What a bargain! Here's hoping his fascination with the new toy continues for a long while :D

Lisa said...

James you are completely lovely..these are gorgeous images!

A box of thomas the train for $1..that is one heck of a deal.

I love how we learn to appreciate moments more with our children and we understand to suck the very marrow out of it all.