Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Yesterday James had a complete screaming meltdown. Going to get on the schoolbus.

What in the Jungle?

The schoolbus has always made him the happiest boy in the neighbourhood!

So after it became obvious he was not going to let us sit him down in his seat, let alone ride on the bus, I told the poor driver I would bring him to school that morning. James did not stop screaming in fury until three minutes into his Time Out. During this time, he threw off his socks (I had already removed his shoes).

The culprits:

I am already frazzled from sensitive clothing issues with his sister. Time to breathe. With my eyes closed.

Epilogue: I let James choose his socks this morning. No problemos!

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Anonymous said...

Oh so sorry for everyone.My oldest has a hard time moving clothes with the season.He would were longsleeves all year long.I have to show him how hot it is outside before he listens to anything I have to say lol.I am glad it all worked out:)